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Unlock cost savings and get closer to Net Zero emissions with no up-front capital outlay

Capitas Lighting as a Service (CLaaS) is a critical partner in your transition to Net Zero emissions. We design, install maintain and guarantee the availability of your new, tailored energy-efficient LED Lighting System. Using our service based model, you benefit from the latest technology; instant energy savings from day one – and zero upfront capex costs. 

Capitas Lighting as a Service

What are the benefits?

  • Zero up-front capital outlay. Save cash for other business activities.
  • Instant savings generated from the moment you switch your lights on.
  • Better quality lighting, creating a safer, brighter locality.
  • Maintenance included. Take away the costs and hassle of maintaining your old lights.
  • Significant environmental benefits with reduced CO2 emissions. Improve your company's green credentials.
  • LED lighting systems have a longer life span and are more reliable than traditional lighting technologies.
  • Contracts can be classed as an operating expense. Preserve your existing banking covenants.

Businesses face increasing pressure to improve their green credentials in the drive towards net zero. Energy consumption drives brand strategy and energy prices are on the rise. So why look to your lighting infrastructure for innovation?

  • For most businesses, lighting typically represents 39% of overall energy consumption*
  • Incandescent lighting commonly consumes 75% more energy than newer LEDs
  • Bespoke LED lighting systems can save businesses up to 80% on their lighting costs, or up to 30% in overall energy costs in real terms

*IHS Market

We cater for projects of all sizes, public or private sector across all markets, including the following:

  • Schools/Universities
  • Commercial Offices
  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • External Lighting
  • Car Parks

Why CLaaS?

Capitas Lighting as a Service builds on the expertise of the Capitas brand in the renewables and energy efficiency sectors.

Our sector expertise in the lighting industry is coupled with our genuine interest and excellent track record in meeting customer and supplier partner requirements.

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